We recommend starting the process as soon as you know you want to go. If you are reading this, you want to go on Spring Break, so START NOW! Here are just a few reason why:

Jump on in1 – You’re friends are slackers. You know it is true, students are lazy and nobody wants to take charge. It will take longer than expected to plan your group’s Spring Break Vacation. It’s like being at a pool. Everyone will walk around it, dip in their toes, and talk about how they want to jump in. It just takes that one person to go for it with an epic cannonball and the next thing you know it’s a pool party. Take charge, do some research, book something, and pay a deposit. When you tell your friends that you already paid, they’ll know it is official and feel better about committing financially to go.

2 – The earlier you sign up, the longer you have to pay. We recommend setting up a monthly payment plan. Would you rather pay a little bit per month for 8 months or drop all your cash right before you go, leaving you with no spending money for the trip?

SuccessKidGoBlue3 – You’ll get the best deals. Think back to your Economics class when you learned about supply and demand. You’ll want to stay at a popular hotel like the Oasis Cancun or the Krystal Cancun right? They are popular because a lot of people stay there and they will sell out fast. As rooms get booked, prices go up. Confirm your Spring Break Dates and see how popular your week is first.

4 – You’ll have more options. We recommend booking your hotel right away to get the place you want. Then start looking at flights. Take a look at all the options and find the best times for your dates. The prices will fluctuate, when your flight reaches your desired price, scoop it up. Check 3 days before and 3 days after your selected dates. You may find it cheaper to fly on different dates. We’ve had people save enough on their flight by being flexible that they could afford an upgrade in hotel or even stay for more nights!

In summary, the answer to your question is NOW!

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