Spring Break is coming up, and you’re so excited! After all, why wouldn’t you be? You’ve been working hard all semester, and you’re ready to have some fun. You’ll be staying in hotel rooms with some of your best friends when you go on your trip.


\As you may already have experienced with past roommates, there are some pairs of people that make great friends, but terrible roommates. People can like each other and have a great time together, but when it comes to living together, a lot of incompatible habits can make for a miserable time for everyone involved. During Spring Break, whoever you bunk with will be the person you are living with, even if only for a few days. Even though it will be over within about a week, you still don’t want to bunk with someone who is horribly incompatible with you in terms of lifestyle, as that could ruin Spring Break for both of you. And you earned this vacation, so that’s not what you want at all.


In order to make sure that this doesn’t happen, what you could do is ask a quick series of questions to everyone in your travel group. Basically, you will want to know about people’s sleeping habits (are they early birds or night owls?), whether they like their environments completely organized or more lived in, et cetera. If people can be assigned rooms together based on being compatible in these ways, it will likely be a better time for everyone who is there.


After all, they’re all still your friends. Even if someone should not be bunking with you, you can still talk to them the whole time while on Spring Break. You just won’t have to deal with their clothes all over the floor or them waking you up at all hours when you’re trying to rest.


Once you know who your bunkmate is, contact us and we can get you your rooms.

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