Spring Break isn’t all about partying and drinking with old and new friends. It’s also about having incredible adventures, and Playa del Carmen offers exciting options that will make you want to return there year after year. What better way to see the rainforest than from above the tree canopy? Just a short ride away from Playa del Carmen, and you’ll be in the Yucatan jungle, ready to experience a thrilling ride among the treetops on zip lines. You’ll never forget the perfect weather and absolute sense of freedom that you’ll get sailing above exotic trees, flowers, and wildlife!


If the jungle isn’t for you, there’s a world of fun awaiting you on the beach at Playa del Carmen. Jet skiing here is not limited to riding back and forth along a small stretch of beach. Once you rent a jet ski, you’ll be able to zoom along the turquoise water for miles, enjoying the view of white sands and the feel of cool breezes and ultimate acceleration. If you want more than a ride along the beach, there are  1 1/2 to 2 hour jet ski tours that take you to places seldom seen by most of the other tourists. Stop along the way and take a swim with hundreds of tropical fish and sea turtles. Just remember to use some good sun screen, wear a life jacket, and don’t zoom too close to the swimmers and sun bathers!

If riding a jet ski or a zip line doesn’t do the trick, then let me recommend parasailing in Playa del Carmen. Parasailing is easy. As your boat takes off, you’ll be pulled into the sky for a glorious 10 12 minute ride over the sparkling white beach and clear blue waters!

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