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What is it like in Nassau?

This is the Spring Break you’ve dreamed of for years.  You’ve seen in on TV, you’ve read about it online, and now you get to experience Panama City Beach Spring Break.  Boasting 27 miles of pristine beaches and crystal blue water, PCB is where beauty, convenience, and fun collide.  

Situated in the Northern part of Florida along the Gulf Coast, this destination allows students from all over the country to hop in their cars and drive to their own paradise.  On a college budget, you can travel to PCB, stay in a massive condo on the beach, and party like a rockstar – literally.


Top Nassau Spring Break

We offer the only hotel all inclusive with the best Spring Break experience in Nassau, with the best entertainment and parties onsite!
Take it all in at the amazing out door pool & beach while taking advantage of the many specialty restaurants at night.
This amazing hotel, located right on Cable Beach, also offers non-motorized sports included in your stay.

Top Nassau Nightlife

When the moon lights up the night sky, entertainment awakens here. With a drinking age of 18, there are plenty of clubs, bars, casinos and beach bars throughout the island and all offer a different vibe depending on your taste. Or, you could simply sit on a beach and watch a bonfire under the full moon. Not on this one!

Be sure to find out about our Spring Break Party Packs.

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Top Nassau Excursions & Activities

Get ready for a marvelous Adrenaline Jetboat Adventure ride by crossing the beautiful Caribbean Sea. This is a real thrill ride, almost like being on a watery roller coaster, so you better get a solid grip and stay put!

Experience 360° twists, power backs, splashing, drifting and high-speed cruising during this fun tour. As you pass by at full speed, try to get some fleeting glimpses of the homes of the rich and the famous and take all the pictures you wish of the beautiful coast of Nassau.

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Adrenaline Jetboat Adventure

Senor frogs

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party cruise

Go Blue By the Numbers

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