Is Cancun Safe for Spring Break Traveling?

cancun safe - mapIs Cancun Safe? Gang wars, violence, and drug trafficking seem to be the only things that make the news about Mexico these days. Of course, the border towns like Juarez and Tijuana are completely out of control and definitely not recommended for visitors. On the other hand, Fox News reports that Cancun is over 1,400 miles from the border and is one of the safest cities in Mexico for tourists. Most cities in Mexico have a murder rate lower than Orlando, Florida. Putting that into perspective, who is afraid to go visit Disney World in Orlando? Nobody.


Cancun has a very low crime rate. If a tourist gets into trouble, it is usually because they drank too much and didn’t think something through. Yes, you will be arrested if you run naked down the street in front of the Mexican police. The U.S. State Department issues official warnings and travel advisories for Americans traveling to Mexico. For Cancun, in Quintana Roo province, no travel advisories are in effect.


cancun safe - Quinta Roo


The Hotel Zone and the downtown tourist areas are very safe. Tourists need to exercise basic caution, just as they would when visiting any decently sized city in America.


Here are the basic safe travel tips that work for just about anywhere:

  1. Make photocopies of all credit cards front and back. Keep the copies separate from the credit cards in a very safe place (an encrypted USB thumb drive works great). If they are lost or stolen, cancelation of them is easy, using the photocopied information.
  2. Do not carry lots of cash and do not leave valuables in the room (use the hotel safe instead).
  3. When going out always use the “buddy” system and go in pairs or in larger groups.
  4. Take a cell phone when going out. Check with your mobile provider, but simple Mexican cell phones, which are pay-for-use, are inexpensive and can save on international roaming fees.
  5. Make sure someone else (a friend or family member not with you) always knows where you are.


It is fun to meet strangers in Cancun. It is best not to go off with them to places unknown. Just stay in the Hotel Zone for the safest time. During Spring Break, Cancun is lots of fun. If you must run around drunk and naked, save this for your hotel room!


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