How to Pack for Spring Break in a Backpack

With today’s baggage limitations on airline flights, packing light is more important than ever. Who wants to pay an extra $25 to $60 just to lug bags around the airport and around town? Men and women can look smashing on the beach and in the clubs by mixing and matching a few easy pieces when they pack for Spring Break. How?

  • Pack a few versatile accessories.
  • Limit yourself to two pairs of shoes: a dress pair and sneakers.
  • Buy it there.



Make your beach cover ups, like sarongs, do double duty in the club by accessorizing.

  • Pack one or two reversible belts and a reversible/two-sided scarf – print to solid.
  • Take two wallet-sized purses, one black, one in your favorite color. Leave the barrel bag at home.
  • Pack interchangeable earrings, a broach or pin, and two necklaces.
  • Ravish Sands makes 4-in-1 swimsuits. You get four looks from one swimsuit. Pack two and you have a different look for everyday of spring break.
  • Pack two pairs of reversible pants or shorts.
  • Throw in two reversible skirts or a tie-close sarong that allows you to wear it as a sundress, sarong, or skirt depending on how you tie it.
  • Include one long-sleeved top in black or white and two reversible tops.
  • Include two pairs of socks, and 4 sets of bra and panties.



Men, too, can double their wardrobe with reversible shirts and pants. Author Tim Ferriss travels the world conducting business and vacationing from one small bag of goodies. He suggests guys toss the following into a bag:

  • Be ready for chilly weather with a featherweight Marmot Ion jacket.
  • Pack a Coolibar long-sleeve shirt and two nylon tank tops.
  • Include one pair of polyester pants. They’re lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, and dry quickly.
  • Ferriss suggests two pairs of Exofficio lightweight underwear. We’d up it to four.
  • Toss in two pairs of reversible swim trunks.
  • Pack one wrinkle-resistant dress shirt and one short-sleeved black t-shirt.
  • Throw in two pairs of shorts and two pairs of socks.


Everyone toss in your toothbrush, travel-sized toiletries, and your cell phone charger. After that, it’s happy travels. Contact us at Go Blue Tours to book your trip.


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