FAQ for High School Grad Trips

Are you looking to plan a High School Trip for your son or daughter’s graduation? I am sure there are a lot of questions going through your mind when it comes to where to begin and how one of these vacations works. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of the top questions and answers we receive on a regular basis from groups just like yourself. Take a look below and if anything went unanswered, feel free to reach out with us with additional questions – enjoy!

FAQ for High School Trips FAQ for High School Grad Trips

  • Are these trips safe? While we cannot say that every single destination is 100% safe, we can say we’ve been offering these tours for 10+ years and wouldn’t send anyone on a trip we felt was unsafe. We also have a designated staff on top of the resort staff on-site to be an extra set of eyes and hands.
  • What does all-inclusive mean? All of our international destinations are all-inclusive meaning all meals, drinks, and snacks are included! There are some exceptions to premium liquors, meals, etc. Keep in mind, in order to consume alcoholic beverages at an all-inclusive resort you must be 18 years of age or older. You can still attend these trips if you’re under 17 you’ll just need a parent consent form. 
  • Are taxes and fees included? All taxes and fees are included in our packages. Each resort may vary and could require a cash/credit card security deposit.
  • Are flights included? We can offer packages with or without flight. If you’re a larger group, it can be easier for us to handle the flight. However, we cannot guarantee a specific airline or direct flights. If you’d like to be in full control of that or want to use any airline miles/points you are welcome to purchase the flight separately. Either way – we still provide transportation to and from the airport. 
  • Are they given ID bracelets on a daily basis for All-inclusive identification? Yes. Not only will you get an all-inclusive bracelet from the resort you’ll also get a Go Blue Tours wrist bracelet so that the resort knows where they came from should they need to get in contact with us. 
  • What is the mode of transportation Go Blue Tours offers? We work with transportation companies in each destination, predominantly Discova Tours. Depending on your group size they’ll have airport transfer vans or larger coach buses to try and fit the entire group. Sometimes 2 buses are required.  
  • Who handles their luggage from baggage claim? Each individual will be in charge of finding and receiving their own luggage from the baggage claim. 
  • Are these trips non-refundable or is there insurance? Without the purchase of our optional insurance, all payments are non-refundable. We do offer insurance for purchase allowing you to file a claim to receive a 75% refund minus the initial cost of insurance. (Depending on your state of residence – ask us for more info!)
  • Can I choose my exact dates? Yes – we guarantee your date of travel!
  • Will we receive a detailed itinerary in advance of the trip? Yes. You’ll have access to everything included in the trip from the time of booking. You’ll receive the full flight itinerary as well as all needed documentation to travel 30 days prior to your trip. 
  • Is online registration and payment collection available? Yes. Once you’re ready for the reservation we will send you a link so that each person can sign up individually and make their own payments.
  • What is the bed size? Resort standards are that for 4 people to a room you will have 2 full-size beds. 

Will there be an opportunity to plan group excursions? Yes. While we do not book them directly, you will have the ability to book excursions at the hospitality desk or through our transportation company!


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