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Travel Protection Plans


By choosing to offer travel insurance to US residents, Go Blue Tours is providing you a financial safety net for most unforeseen travel inconveniences. We offer optional cancellation protection through a third-party company called Travel Insured. We do highly recommend all travelers to opt-in for this protection, as it protects your money should you have to cancel, and it protects you on-site should anything happen (trip delay, doctor visit, lost luggage, etc.). Travel Protection only covers payments made after it is added to the traveler’s account.


CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason) Protection – Available to all states except residents of New York (NY residents see the following paragraph). Cancel for Any Reason allows you to do just that and receive at least 75% of your money back, minus the cost of the insurance. You can receive more than 75% back due to the specific reason for cancellation. All claims and refunds are made and processed through Travel Insured. An email of cancellation must be sent by the traveler to the Account Representative at least 48 hours prior to departure canceling their trip in order for them to be eligible for money back.


Cancellation – NY RESIDENTS – Allows you to cancel for specific reasons and receive 100% back. New York residents do not qualify for the CFAR protection. They do have to have a specific reason for canceling in order to qualify for money back. Cancellations must be made, in writing via email, from the traveler, 48 hours prior to departure in order to qualify.


NON-US RESIDENTS – Travel Protection is not offered to those that are residents outside of the US. If you are a resident of a country other than the United States, please contact a Travel Protection Company in your country of residence and purchase travel protection for this trip.


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Customer Agreement Go Blue Tours


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How do our flights work?


If you chose to have your flight done through us, the dates you select for travel listed are guaranteed. We don’t do any of this “weekend of travel” nonsense that other student spring break tour operators do where they pick your dates for you over a 5-day window. Your exact flight details will be available approximately 30 days prior to the start of your trip. Go Blue Tours does not guarantee specific arrival or departure times, non-stop flights, or specific airlines. Groups of 8 or more not guaranteed on the same flight, although we will try our best to do so.


Go Blue Tours will not purchase the quoted flight until all passengers have paid in full for the flight portion of their package. Full payment is required to confirm schedule and fares, at which time they will be ticketed. Name and schedule changes may be possible and are subject to any difference in fare, any applicable airline-imposed change fee, and $50.00 per ticket. All tickets and ticket-holders are subject to the terms set forth by the airline. The airline may charge additional fees for checked baggage or other optional services. Make sure to check your dates for accuracy.


For a handful of departure cities, Go Blue Tours uses “Alternate Airports”. For those departure cities, you will fly in and out of the same airport, however, Go Blue Tours can use any of the listed airports. These vary by destination. The alternate airports will be listed together when you select that option.

Security Deposits (Refundable and Non-Refundable)


Certain hotels do require security deposits (some refundable, others non-refundable) upon check-in during the month of March. Each traveler is required to pay this security deposit for incidentals. The non-refundable ones are collected at check-in. The refundable ones are collected at check-in, and promptly given back at check-out. Each hotel does have specific deposits, so it is best to check directly with the hotel for the set amount. Deposits are subject to change upon the hotel’s discretion.


Oasis Cancun Lite, Cancun – $33 CASH per person, non-refundable security deposit paid upon check-in to the Oasis Cancun Lite.


Solmar, Cabo – $100 CASH per person, refundable security deposit paid upon check-in to the Solmar in Cabo San Lucas.


Riu Santa Fe, Cabo – $30 CASH may be requested upon check-in, refundable at check-out pending there are no incidents.


Occidental Caribe, Punta Cana – $100 per person, refundable security deposit to be paid, cash or card, at check-in at the Occidental Caribe *Hotel does prefer cash to speed up your check-in time.


Some hotels do charge for lost items, such as room keys and towel cards. The cost of lost items depend on the specific hotel and travelers must pay prior to check out. Any incidentals charged to travelers must also be paid at check-out. Broken hotel property, destruction of the hotel property, etc. will be charged to travelers and collected by the hotel upon check-out.


Round trip Airport/Hotel Transfer on Location


Optional transfers to and from the airport/hotel are offered by Go Blue Tours for each of the International destinations that we offer. These transfers pick you up from the airport when you land, and bring you back to the airport on the date you are set to leave. Transportation is scheduled based on the flight information entered into the traveler’s accounts. Flight information that is not entered 24 hours prior to departure is not guaranteed transfers. Round trip transfers to and from the airport/hotel are recommended for smooth operations while traveling, as it’s all done by us!


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