Spring Break 2020 | When Is My Spring Break?

Find out when your Spring Break is for the Academic Year 2019/2020 What Is My Spring Break Date? That’s probably the first thing you should figure out when planning a Spring Break vacation. If you get your Spring Break dates incorrect, you’ll still have a great time on the trip. When you get back to Read More »
December 05, 2019 • Comments (0)

When Should I Plan My Spring Break 2020 Vacation?

We recommend starting the process as soon as you know you want to go. If you are reading this, you want to go on Spring Break, so START NOW! Here are just a few reason why: 1 – You’re friends are slackers. You know it is true, students are lazy and nobody wants to take Read More »
November 01, 2019 • Comments Off on When Should I Plan My Spring Break 2020 Vacation?

10 Best Spring Break Destinations 2020 for College Students on a Budget

Curious where to go for Spring Break? Need ideas? Want recommendations? Check out the list below of the top destinations for Spring Break to start your planning today!   1. Punta Cana   Bursting onto the Spring Break scene a few years ago, Punta Cana has steadily increased to being the #1 destination for college Read More »
October 31, 2019 • Comments (0)

Cancun Spring Break 2020 Party Packages

Cancun, Mexico is known for it’s world famous nightlife and during Spring Break, it gets kicked up a notch. There will be thousands of college and high school students hitting the clubs every night and they will be treated to some of the a most unbelievable parties with some of the latest top notch entertainment. Read More »
October 30, 2019 • Comments (1)

Have the Best Spring Break 2020

Spring Break 2020 is coming up soon! Do you have plans yet? If not, you have to check out Go Blue Tours. We are the perfect source for helping you create a wild spring break you will never forget. We have some awesome spring break destinations for 2020 for you to check out. We specialize Read More »
October 17, 2019 • Comments (0)

Spring Break Night Clubs in Cancun

We all know there is more to a Spring Break Cancun trip than just gorgeous crystal blue water, enormous beaches, and day partying at the Oasis Cancun. There’s the world famous night clubs that people travel to Cancun to from all over the globe to experience. We thought we would give you a glimpse at Read More »
September 29, 2019 • Comments (0)

Gambling in Cancun, Mexico

You would most definitely want your next tourist destination to offer you a little bit of everything. From enjoying the exotic views of tranquil water to roaming around town in the night, every tourist wants to do a little bit of everything once in their ideal vacation spot. The latest trend or the latest addition Read More »
August 22, 2019 • Comments (0)

Best College Spring Break Cruises for 2020

What separates college students from the rest of the lot? Their willingness to party hard and get the most out of their limited vacations! Ask any adult in your close circle and they would agree that the parties they had during their college life still stand out due to the sheer recklessness and fun they Read More »
August 19, 2019 • Comments (0)

Riu Santa Fe Cabo Spring Break 2020

What’s more exciting than a spring break party? You finally say goodbye to the semester and now all you need to focus on is partying until the morning. Mexico has upped its spring break game and you need to be there to see it. If you think watching videos of the Riu Santa Fe Cabo Read More »
August 14, 2019 • Comments (0)

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